Monday Motivation, Random Musings


As my friend and I entered the Kodanad Elephant Training Centre in Ernakulam, a middle aged man greeted us from afar with a huge smile on his face. He waved at us to follow him. Two unaccompanied girls that we were, with extremely limited vocabulary in Malayalam and fairly poor physical defense abilities, our guard… Continue reading Speechless!

Random Musings

In the palm of my hand

From as far back as my memory goes I've had fairly large handsWide square palms, long skinny fingers, an artist's mark, I was told, at every given chance But to me they spoke of entirely different plans They were just a utility bonus you see? Like extra boot space or multi pocketed pants? Helping me… Continue reading In the palm of my hand


Humanizing education

I recently came across a very interesting analogy in a discussion between esteemed educator Sir Kenneth Robinson and mystic Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev. (Check out the full discussion here) Sir Kenneth Robinson says that modern education is very much like the industrialization of agriculture. The main focus there was to increase crop output through artificial enhancers… Continue reading Humanizing education